Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – A Lesson in Badassery

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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was released by Ubisoft on May 1, 2013 and offers a nostalgic power slide through the best and worst clichés of action movies and video games from 80s and 90s.

In a world where nothing is the same and everything is different, the wasteland of North America is under threat from the red menace and Canada has been obliterated by a precision nuclear strike. Cyber-commando and proud American hero Sergeant Rex Power Colt is the only one left can stop Omega Force as they threaten to undermine the sanctity of the stars and stripes. Will he make it?


Blood Dragon utilizes the same first-person shooter game mechanics feature in Far Cry 3, lending the high quality open-world freedom of the original game – but with more lasers, cyber soldiers, and dinosaurs bent on eating them (fine, dragons). Power guitar riffs and hair metal feature heavily in the stand-alone expansion DLC, and cut scenes feature stylized pixel panels, heavy on the kitsch. Dialogue and voice acting are spot on cringe-worthy, offering tongue-in cheek commentary and self-aware mockery from the get go.

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If you enjoyed the gameplay of Far Cry 3, and are looking for gratuitous language, explosions, cyber-all-the-things, and are hankering for the hilarity that nostalgic parody can bring, this DLC is for you. It’s ridiculous and absurd, but had me laughing more often than not. Or groaning.

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Oh, and don’t forget your D20. You’re gonna need it.


Amanda is a research scientist in the frozen wastes of Canada, who spends time gaming and writing sci-fi when she should be working on her thesis.

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  1. shockwaver

    Oh this game. This game is so awesome.

  2. Ash

    I love me some Far Cry 3. Can’t wait to check this out over the weekend.

  3. Carlo

    Loving Blood Dragon, humor even in the smallest details. Winners don’t use drugs, but the devs were definitely on something awesome.

    1. Fluidfyre

      Haha I know I keep thinking about how much fun it must have been to make it.

  4. Dibol

    So glad I jumped into Blood Dragon without the core game. Michael Biehn!

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