Dungeons & Dragons & Bitches From Key And Peele

Missing D&D

Kyle Latino brings some of my favorite things together.

Kyle Latino brings some of my favorite things together.

Remember the days when you had all sorts of free time on your hands? When it wasn’t a big deal to say to a few friends, ‘Hey, let’s get together for a game night’? Now our lives are full of … well all sorts of stuff. (For me it’s a dog and a house and a garden and a husband and work and writing and laundry and sleep and eating and… man life is rough!) My D&D group has to schedule a month in advance, sometimes further, and even still we have people who can’t make it at the last minute. I blame the babies.

Whether you already have plans to play or you just wish you did, hopefully this collection of D&D related stuff will help quell the hunger pains just a little.


As I’m sure you’re aware, in D&D, group dynamics are paramount, and bringing a new member into an established group can have unpredictable effects. It can elevate your game to a whole new level, turn it into an irretrievable shipwreck, or you could wind up in an SUV with Kanye. You know, normal stuff.

All of the following clips explore what can happen when the new guy shows up.

Dungeons & Dragons & Bitches from Key and Peele (NSFW)

Proof that all you need to have people follow you into a quest is to a good imagination and a fresh take.

Carlos the Dwarf from Freaks and Geeks

I’ve never been a DM, but if I were, my game would totally have kittens and grandmas in it. Vicious kittens and ninja grandmas. I also love the end of this clip.

Trailer for Zero Charisma

I can’t wait to see this movie which won this year’s Audience Award at SXSW.


And your bonus comic:

In Search Of A Robust Cosmology by Penny Arcade

In Search Of A Robust Cosmology by Penny Arcade



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