Steam Box is Really Real and Still Sounds Dirty

As CES rages on and continues to shower us images of shiny new things that we’ll probably never be able to afford, The Verge managed to score an exclusive interview with Valve CEO Gabe Newell about the upcoming Steam Box “console”.  We sifted through interview and pulled stuff you might be interested in. [what is a steam box?]

NOTE: Not the right Steam Box

ON THE OS: Steam Box will be Linux based but will allow you to install Windows on it if you so desire. The box will be open… sigh…

ON MOTION CONTROL:  The Steam Box will not utilize motion control but Valve is looking for ways to make motion control exciting AND useful. Mr. Newell also stated that he though Wii Sports was the best use of motion control thus far.

ON CONNECTIVITY: The Steam Box will also be a server.  The idea is to eventually allow multiple televisions to connect to a single Steam Box.  In theory a LAN party could be hosted with a single steam box, and a bunch of T.V.s of course.

ON A MOBILE PLATFORM: There are plans apparently in the works to extend The Steam Box experience onto the mobile space.  They are also trying to figure out a way to make touchpad technology fun and useful.

ON COMPETING WITH MICROSOFT AND SONY:  Mr. Newell had a great quote that I couldn’t agree with more ,“The internet is super smart. If you do something that is cool, that’s actually worth people’s time, then they’ll adopt it. If you do something that’s not cool and sucks, you can spend as many marketing dollars as you want, [they] just won’t.” [SOURCE]

Hats off to The Verge for breaking this info.  2013 will be an incredibly interesting year for gamers and tech lovers everywhere.  We’ll have more news and opinions on the Steam Box as it develops.

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  1. Scott

    So… it’s a computer? If you can install whatever OS you’d like, I’m curious to learn which of these features are hardware based, and which are just going to be features of the steam software.

    That is to say, if you can build your own PC, and do the same stuff you can do on a “steambox”, then the difference is just convenience, right?

    With this Big Picture movement, and the nVidia handheld, it clearly seems like tech companies are trying to encourage controller based gaming. But isn’t the mouse and keyboard a main reason people prefer PC gaming?

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