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SWTOR: Pushed until September

For the Republic?

Many Bothans died to get me this information.

Sources on the inside (Bioware custodial staff) delivered me an encrpted message that indicated that Star Wars: The Old Republic would not be coming out during Q1 2011 as previously announced.

The top secret message went on to reveal that SWTOR would probably be released around the date of September 11th 2011. So all of you that were waiting to upgrade or purchase a new PC in anticipation of this future MMO powerhouse will have to hold out a bit longer in order to see what the system requirements may in fact be.

In all seriousness, I have suspected a date push for a while now. While much of the game appears to be complete and in working order, their are a million things that go into an MMO that have yet to be addressed or even hinted at. Let’s hope the game launches sooner than later, as the graphics are already starting to look a bit dated.

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  1. Pilx

    They better get this out before my computer goes obsolete again.

  2. Scott

    Whew. I can start buying games again.

  3. Ash

    I fear that the rig I bought last year is already going to be dated.. damn it.

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