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PlayStation Store coming to Android devices

Finally, ten-year-old games on your Android device!

At PlayStation Meeting 2011, Sony made a number of announcements including a cross-platform initiative named PlayStation Suite, which will deliver the PlayStation Store and content to the Android platform. As many Android users are already woefully aware, not all Android hardware is created equal. To that end, Sony also announced the PlayStation Certified program, which will support development with the Android platform. During the meeting a screenshot was displayed, showing Cool Boarders with a software button-layout overlay. Another screenshot showed what appeared to be a mock-up of the PlayStation Store with five or so PS1 titles listed (including Wild Arms, a great RPG).

What’s your take?

Are you interested / excited for PS1 games on Android? There is certainty a lack of quality gaming content on the Android (and Angry Birds doesn’t count, not by a long shot). Are you willing to put up with software-buttons, even if they obscure part of the game screen? And, how about those PS1 games… they were all 4:3 so there will be some black-bar action on your over-sized HTC HD and Droid X screens. Finally, what about compatibility? Will all Android-based PS content be watered down to the lowest common denominator, or will they just leave owners of original Android hardware out in the cold?


Personally, I’m always looking forward to new and innovative ways to enjoy games, and aside from spicing up the Android game market for a time, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be excited about. Imagine, for example, if Sony permits the creation of an Uncharted micro-game that unlocks content or ties-in, somehow, to the upcoming Uncharted 3. That might be something special. Recycling content is something that all game-related companies are responsible for in some manner, but only time will tell how the “DroidStation” will ultimately pan out.


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  1. Pilx

    I have so many issues with Android right now that this just looks like a mess to me. I’m sure it will be ok and it will work great on one or two phones…you’ll just have to make sure and get those phones if you want to use the Playstation store.

    I highly support gaming on smartphones but have found personally that anything with onscreen joysticks and A and B buttons for quick tapping just isn’t quite there yet. Also there is the battery issue…I don’t know about everyone else but I find if I sit and play a 3D rendered game for more than 15 mintues it takes a toll on the old battery pack.

    But of course this all coming from a guy with an Android phone that is completely unsupported by its carrier and can barely run Angry Birds.

  2. haleyxvader

    I still don’t get the allure of gaming on your phone. I’m probably in the minority on this, but I’m an avid Android/smartphone user and I’ve never once been interested in playing games on my phone. I never found the appeal in putting movies on your ipod either – just the thought of intently staring at smallish phone screens for long periods of time makes me cringe.

    Give me a DS/PSP/Game Gear etc for handheld gaming or better yet, I’ll just wait till I get home and play it on my 42″ screen but I’ve never found myself so desperate for something to keep me occupied that I’d play any of these phone games people go nuts for.

    1. haleyxvader

      I hope that doesn’t come across as harsh, I may still be a little angry from my dealings with TMobile this morning and it might seem “ranty.”

      Bottom line I just don’t see it as being a necesity and honestly I don’t see most of the Android phones on the market being able to handle the content.

      1. Ash

        No, I agree with you totally. A lot of people wonder why i don’t have more games for my I-phone and you pretty much hit the nail on the head. I much rather use the phone for social networking, and a gaming system for gaming.

    2. Ryan

      So what do you do while you’re going to the bathroom at work?

    3. Scott

      Agreed. The idea of movies and games on the phone was one I quickly lost interest in once I experienced it. This will fare no better, because it most likely won’t work (functionally). Plus I didn’t play those PS1 games then, I’m not playing them now, and certainty not on a touchscreen.

    4. Pilx

      For me the allure is to have one device which I do everything with, make calls, take photos, use facebook, watch movies, listen to music….and play games.

      I agree…right now it sucks and I really don’t play games on it. But I think eventually they’ll get it right and Microsoft will put out the Xbox phone and Apple will partner with Nintendo and put out the iPhone DS.

      It will happen, probably about the same time we get functional Omni-tools.

      1. Ash

        Omni tools are not that far away my friend. Just last year they fabricated a totally HD flexible microscreen that can be manipulated in a variety of ways and is totally durable.. It’s real.

        1. Pilx

          Bring it.

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