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Super Meat Boy responds to PETA

Look, I’m not for or against PeTA. I’m heavily in favor of the proper treatment of animals, but I also like a hamburger now and again. I think PeTA has a worthwhile message but at times can be a bit…out there. I also have numerous vegetarian and vegan friends and we all get along well. One of them (who joins in on this very site) is 100% vegan, yet works in a butcher shop. An amazing one for that matter in Brooklyn which promotes getting the right meat and not the over processed crap from a million farms or what not.

So when PeTA combats the evils of Super Meat Boy, a popular platformer on XBox Live, it gives me a bit of a chuckle. Really? How did they do it? They made a game called Super Tofu Boy. Essentially a cracked take on the bloody platformer where Tofu Boy saves his girlfriend from being kidnapped by her jealous ex, Meat Boy.

It’s a funny way to say go veg and it indirectly shined a light on Super Meat Boy to people who may have not discovered the game anyway.

Then, according to Joystiq, Team Meat responded by saying they found it flattering, but I guess meat boy wanted to say something himself:

See his response on Twitter.

You gotta love it. Hopefully everyone can keep a sense of humor like this.

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  1. Beast_Mode

    I’m all for treating animals with respect, but peta can suck my ass. Seriously, a video game is their next target? I think peta just protests things to let us know they are still around. Sorry peta, i like my meat, my pets, my medicine, and my video games. Stop being an asshole peta.

  2. Pilx

    I was just about to download Super Meat Boy the other day…guess I have to now.

  3. Ash

    I hear Super Meat Boy is platforming gold. I also hear that you must be prepared to die a whole lot.

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