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Mass effect 2 only $13.98 at target


No we really never get tired of this game. If you are yet to own it, now would be the time to pick it up. This is most likely preceeding a goty edition with all the dlc bundled in. If you only want to get the main story in though, you won’t beat this deal.

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  1. Ash

    Shame on anyone who reads this site who has not played this game…. A curse on all your houses!

    1. helloscientist

      Shame on anyone named Ash who hasn’t completed an insanity play through.

  2. Scott

    Sadly, if there’s something unique to the GOTY I just might buy it.

    1. helloscientist

      There is a very good chance I’ll do the same…

  3. madson

    Isn’t a pox on all of your houses?

    I’ve still got my old copy, I think I should take it back in, so that I can buy the GOTY edition, as I haven’t picked up any of the DLC…

  4. Adam

    With more Mass Effect tags comes a smaller Alison Brie tag 🙂

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