The Unknown Solider

Breakin’ It Down: Mass Effect 3 Reveal Trailer.

The Unknown Solider

Big thanks to those that made it out to our Nerd Appropriate VGA party! For many of us, the highlight of the evening was the first ever Mass Effect 3 teaser/trailer. While the game had yet to be announced, we all knew it was coming. Take a look at the trailer in HD as we break down exactly what the trailer is showing us.


  • 0:13 – 1:10 – What you’re seeing here are the ruins of London England in the year 2184 C.E. The cockney sounding gentlemen states that 2 million were killed in the first day, and another 7 million in the first week. While the numbers may seem low for a massive alien invasion, we are talking about the population of London after many humans left earth due to pollution and overpopulation problems. Also, we should all be aware that many of the humans are more than likley being harvested for some nefarious purpose, as seen in Mass Effect 2.
  • 0:20 – 1:10 – The unknown solider states “By the end of the first week, all of our forces were annihilated and on the run, regrouping somewhere” Earth is under attack, but by whom? It seems humanity is down, but not completely out. Things however, are looking grim.
  • 0:37 – 1:10 The unknown solider takes a well aimed shot at a shadowy figure in the far distance saving what appears to be an Asari female on the streets of London. The figure that gets “sniped” appears to be a “Husk”, the Mass Effect equivalent of a zombie.
  • 0:47-1:10 – The question of where the unknown solider is firing from is revealed, it’s Big Ben. God save the Queen.
  • 0:50-1:10 – Contrary to what some sites are reporting (I’m looking at you G4), we are clearly looking at an armada of Reaper ships that have landed on earth and are exterminating and or assimilating everything in site. For those that are a bit rusty with their Mass Effect history. Saren piloted one of these ships during the events of Mass Effect 1.  It should also be noted that it took an entire armada of alliance ships to bring one of these bad boys down.
  • 0:57 – 1:10 – Appearing for a brief moment at the end of the trailer is Commander Shepard. The unknown solider states that Earth is waiting for Shep’s arrival to save the day. How Shepard is addressed by the unknown solider raises even more questions. Since when is Shepard a hero in the eyes of Earth again?  Isn’t he currently regarded as a terrorist traitor? Perhaps in the final bit of Mass Effect 2 DLC we get to see humanity’s faith in Shep’ restored.

Thoughts? Ideas? Please discuss!

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  1. Scott

    This guy is your Kaiden / Ashley / Jacob replacement in ME3.

  2. Ash

    My money is on Ashley/Kaiden trying to kill you as the next human specter.

    I would not be heartbroken if Jacob went out fighting in ME3. He was the only crew member that felt “generic” to me.

    1. Micah G


  3. Beast_Mode

    Which Holiday do you think they are talking about? I hope it’s on Valentine’s day. I can’t wait a year for this.

  4. Scott

    Open on a gritty weathered monochrome landscape, tight shot on a grizzled looking dude in full armor, he’s looking intense about something, aircraft fly overhead, fade to black, title shot. This… is Prototype 2… and um, SSX Deadly Descent… and sorta like Batman Arkham Asylum, and kinda Resistance 3.

    Good job trailer makers, gotta cater to that Spike demo.

  5. Jackie

    I think ME3 looks awesome!! I enjoy watching my husband play… the storyline draws you in, even as an observer. Looking forward to this release!

    1. Ash

      Jackie, make sure that you tell Mike that the PS3 version of ME2 comes out in January. Mass Effect 3 will also be coming out for PS3 and PC the same day as the X-box 360.

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