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Leviathan: Warships – It’s High Tide a Game Like This Came Along

Leviathan-Warships-1Today while gobbling up my lunch provided by 7-11 (note: don’t leave your delicious lunch at home) I stumbled across the trailer for Leviathan: Warships, a new turn based strategy title from Paradox Interactive. Not only is the trailer unlike any video game trailer that I’ve ever seen in all my years, it nearly made me choke on a preservative filled lump of processed mystery food. It was that funny! Turn based strategy is something we love here at NA, and Leviathan: Warships appears to be a bold new entry into the genre. Look for a full review of Leviathan: Warships on episode 103 of Rated NA, coming very soon.  Also, I think I spelled “leviathan” incorrectly every single time while writing this article… F*#k, did it again.

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