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Dragon Age: Inquisition – Behind the Scenes and Women in Gaming Podcasts are Now Live!

Just how hard was it to get that Dragon Age: Inquisition demo to look great on stage with minimal problems? And what were some of the difficulties that came with working with a new engine while building a world from scratch? Listen to those answers and more in our latest batch of podcasts recorded live at the BioWare base during PAX: Prime.  By now we’re sure that you’ve heard but we”ll be bringing you a grand total of twelve exclusive panels, so be sure to subscribe [HERE] and get all awesome before anyone else. Did we mention that everything is free?


Dragon Age: Inquisition – Behind the Scenes:  What is it like to actually work in the world of Thedas? Join members of the Dragon Age team as they pull back the curtain and share behind-the-scenes tales of the game-making process. [HERE]


Women in Gaming: Get to know some of the female team members of BioWare by joining this lively panel discussion. Topics include the goal of gender neutrality (or simply being seen as a ‘developer’) and challenges faced by women in the games industry. [HERE]

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