Dragon Age: Inquisition – Making Your Mark and LGBTQ Characters Podcasts are Now Live!

The Eagle Claw Doomhammer?! How does Orlais compare to Kirkwall? Find out some of the secrets of Dragon Age: Inquisition in yet another batch of podcasts recorded at this year’s PAX: Prime in Seattle. We’ll be bringing you a grand total of twelve panels, so make sure to subscribe [HERE] and get all the secrets before anyone else. It’s good to be first.

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Making Your Mark – What is it like to actually work in the world of Thedas? Join members of the Dragon Age team as they pull back the curtain and share behind-the-scenes tales of the game-making process. [HERE]


LGBTQ Characters : BioWare is known for developing rich, complex characters which inspire a connection with the player. This includes representing diverse backgrounds and sexual orientations. Join key members of the BioWare team as they talk about inclusiveness in character portrayals. [HERE]

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