Zelda Links Awakening

Let us help you get fired

Ever think to yourself, man, with so many ways to get fired, I wonder what way would be the most fun. Well, let the boys at NA help you out with that. You can now play the Gameboy Color Game Zelda: Link’s Awakening 100% in the browser. That’s right, someone spent the time and effort to port this game in its entirety to the web. Now you may think to yourself, so what, Flash has been around for ages. Well this isn’t Flash, it’s done entirely in HTML5. While that might not mean much to some of you, it blew my mind.

x is A, z is B, shift is Select, enter is Start, the d-pad is the JoyPad.

So check it out, go waste your day and try to make sure you have your sound down and another tab ready to go if you’re at work.

Zelda: Link’s Awakening

courtesy of: reddit