Coming Soon in August….*EXPLOSION NOISE*

Hey there gang.  Just writing a quick note to thank you for making July one of our best months ever at Despite being scattered unto the winds we managed to produce four podcasts (thanks Scott), conducted a bum load of interviews, ran an incredibly fun community game night, and Matt, Hilary, and myself even managed to provide a wee bit of Comic-Con coverage out in San Diego.  So how the heck do we top July?  August! *Explosion Noise*

This August, look for Rated NA 70 with special guest Jennifer Hale.  (The podcast was an absolute blast, and we can’t wait to share it with you all).   We’ll also be bringing you new interviews and articles from all over the nerdivese.  And finally, we’ll be attending and covering Star Wars Celebration VI  in Orlando, and PAX: Prime in Seattle.  It’s going to be a busy month, and we can’t wait to bring you all along for the ride.

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  1. Aenne Schumann

    Pax Prime is going to SICK NASTY.

    1. Ash

      Agreed! Hopefully we manage to avoid the actual PAX “sick nasty”, because getting sick at PAX has become a tradition.

    2. Scott

      Let’s try and cover the most geographically distinct corners of the contiguous united states in back to back weekends on a more regular basis, lol… totally Sick!

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