Nerd Appropriate’s June Wrap Up: Stuff You Missed !

Hey there gang!  June was a busy month for us here at the site, but we managed to survive.  Thanks to the hard work of Matt and Scott our podcasts are up to date and ready for download.  If you missed any past episodes you can check them out HERE – and we’d love if you downloaded and rated a few of them.  I must say that our E3 episode is especially tasty (like a burrito).

REVIEWS: We tackled a ton of the big June releases, behold !

Movie: X-Men First Class

Comics: American Vampire

Games: Mortal Combat

Games: Transformers Dark of the Moon

Games: Duke Nukem Forever

Television: Falling Skies

Games: Red Faction: Armageddon

Games: Trenched

NETFLIX: Matt started a new series called “Summer of Netflix” in which he watches a lot of Netflix and writes stuff about it.

Summer of Netflix: Sherlock

Summer of Netflix: Damages

Summer of Netflix: Black Death

EDITORIALS: We went all “journalisty” (that’s a word right?) and wrote some in depth rants.

What do The Nerds Think of Nintendo’s WiiU

Red Vs. Blue: How Netflix Ended Corporate Tyranny

The Ten Things I Hate About Video Games: Ten Major Flaws in Modern Video Games

INTERVIEWS: As Always we managed to talk to some amazing folks!

Jessica Chobot: The Nerd Appropriate Interview

Ali Hillis (Mass Effects Liara T’Soni): The Nerd Appropriate Interview (with audio!)

Caitlin Crosby: The Nerd Appropriate Interview

ART: We also had the awesome aXL99 create an exclusive Mass Effect wallpaper for our site that you can download HERE.

AND MORE: Those articles were just the tip of the iceberg.  You can check out all of June’s content HERE and relive the glory.

Thanks again for reading!  We appreciate your dedication more than you know.  And, if you ever want to contribute an article about something that interests you, please let us know!  We’re looking for new contributors all the time.  Bountiful riches and fame await you! (lie)