The Man is Keeping me Down!

I have the sick

I got hit pretty hard last week with the flu (fever and all).  As soon as I healed up I realized I was obligated to attend a week long convention (for my other job).  The convention hours are pretty grueling and internet use during session is highly frowned upon, so I feel sort of like a prisoner of sorts.  As for content, I have a great interview coming your way a little later this week as well as some fun reviews and periodicals.  Thanks for your patience!

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  1. Jackie

    You need a bubble. Period. End of story.

  2. Ash

    You need stretcher to make you grow

  3. Jesse

    I know how you feel about this week. This convention is getting a bit too grueling. I tried to stay focused the first few days but today I was all over the internets… but our presenter is a bit of push-over.

    Only 2 more days!

  4. Scott

    I hear Trenched is a good cure for the flu / convention flu, etc.

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