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One of our favorite parts of every show is reading what YOU have to say. You figure after 56 episodes we would have devised a more efficient way of chatting with our community, but you’d be WRONG. By now you’ve probably realized that efficiency isn’t really our thing. On occasion we get responses so large they require several tweets or even a full fledged e-mail! We decided to try something new this week for folks that don’t use Twitter, but still want to be part of our podcast.  How does this magic work?  Simply reply to our Twitter question of the week in the thread below, and you just may make it onto our next episode. As always, thank you so much for helping us out!  We like you more than friends…

Rated NA:57 – : With a new console on the horizon, what game or feature would make you excited enough to upgrade?

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  1. kitlerc

    I am afraid of the new consoles cause I somehow doubt my massive Rock Band music library would transfer over! Eek!

    1. Ash

      That is incredibly scary to think about.

  2. Bill

    honestly other than the latest greatest hardware, what more can they do? My Xbox360 already plays games, streams movies, tv, and music, uses cloud storage, downloads games instantly, works with or without a control (if you have Kinect), helps manage social apps, lets you video chat (again with Kinect), surfs the web.  I mean with all the things you can already buy through xbox live they might as well just put an amazon app on there and be done with!

  3. Alejandro


    that’s required for me to upgrade is for the progression in gaming quality
    we’ve seen in this console generation to continue into the next. Considering
    that there is more attention, cultural influence, money, and talent in the
    gaming industry than ever before, I don’t see that changing.                                              

    I am
    however cautious as to what will be required to upgrade.  How much will my new console cost?  The initial price of the PS3 was $600, and
    the hardware is only getting more expensive. 
    Will it require a 24/7 smooth internet connection knowing that many
    areas around the country and overseas have spotty coverage at best?  Will I need a top of the line television to

    are important questions, but as long as I keep seeing further improvements in
    gameplay and narrative (the best example being Mass Effect), I’m in.

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