Question of the Week Contest!? — You Enter a Dimly Lit Dungeon…

Hey guys! We’re giving away a few copies of Robot Loves Kitty’s amazingly fun dungeon crawler Legend of Dungeon.  Winning yourself a copy is incredibly simple, all you have to do is answer our question of the week. Here she blows!


NAQOTW: “You enter a dimly lit dungeon and find a large unlocked oaken door, behind this door you discover ______________________”

All you need to do is fill in that blank in the comments section below! The “best” answer(s) will be chosen by all four members of Nerd Appropriate on episode 121 of the Rated NA podcast. Big thanks to Robot Loves Kitty for providing us with some giveaway codes!

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  1. Miellyn

    A centaur.

    1. Ash

      Wiener! …. I mean winner!

  2. Samantha Ni

    That the cake is NOT a lie.

    1. Ash

      Ooo – what flavor of lie-free cake are we talking about here?

      1. Samantha Ni

        I’D go for coffee….buuut maybe Tres Leches for you guys?

        1. Ash

          Coffee it is (that is my favorite lie free cake).

          1. Samantha Ni

            YES!! Win =)

  3. Miellyn's husband

    the set of the new reality show “Liberace Gone Wild”.

    1. Ash

      Does that also star Matt Damon?

  4. Giselle Cannon

    David Bowie’s personal jumpsuit collection.

    1. Ash


  5. Chris Jenkins

    …a shivering Chihuahua in a teacup.

  6. Fluidfyre

    Piles upon piles of cabbage and cheese wheels.

    1. Ash


    2. Miellyn

      Yes! And maybe a garlic rope? 🙂

  7. axl99

    “- Just a few yards away a giant hulking mass of barely stitched together flesh and protruding bones feasting on a carcass with its razor sharp teeth. It turns to the sound of the creak you made opening the door and decides you’re dessert. IT BOUNDS STRAIGHT FOR YOU WHILE YOU CLOSE THAT DOOR AND RUN LIKE WHOA.”

  8. Kitty <3's Robot that <3's kit

    ..a towering mountain of your own corpses, a mysterious box, and a flute!

    1. Ash

      Oh… my… this is amazing.

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