Mass Effect 3: Hudson, Walters, and Merizan Talk Extended Cut!

Is the ME3: Extended cut a fine example of internet democracy, or just another case of vicious cyber-bullying?  No matter which side you’re on, the ME3:Extended Cut drops on June 26th for zero dollars. In the podcast below, Community Manager Jessica Merizan talks candidly with both Casey Hudson and Mac Walters about what exactly fans can expect from the Extended Cut, and why the team felt compelled to add additional content to the controversial ending.

No matter what your view is on the Extended Cut, June 26th marks the first time in video game history that the opinions of the community have been directly addressed in such an agressive fashion. Bioware is indeed listening, and we think that’s awesome.

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  1. Aenne Schumann

    I have a feeling as if I’m going to cry again. Garrus will be just sitting at the bar all alone. 🙁 WAAAAAHHHH

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