Dragon’s Dogma: Capcom Delivers A Fantastical Fantasy Feast!

Dragon’s Dogma: Capcom Delivers a Fantastical Fantasy Feast!

I had been limping through the darkness for what seemed like forever. My allies had all fallen to an ogre deep within an abandoned mine, and town was nowhere in sight. Out of potions, lamp light, and food I crept through the darkness toward a curious torch in the distance. Salvation? As I approached, squinting to see what was ahead, the blast of an unfamiliar horn made me realize that I had made a fatal mistake. Within seconds a dozen snarling goblins surrounded my wounded avatar with swords raised. Soon after that, I was dead. This is the brutal world of Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma.

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Dragon’s Dogma: Your Upcoming Demo Character Will Live To Fight Another Day

Dragon’s Dogma: Your Upcoming Demo Character Will Live to Fight Another Day

I had the opportunity to play Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma last year at Nerd HQ really enjoyed myself. I think the problem with modern RPGs is that many new IPs are terrified to really innovate and often borrow systems and themes from other games of a similar ilk. It’s no coincidence that I felt like I was playing Fable mixed with WOW while hacking my way through the beginning of KOA: Reckoning.

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Project S.E.R.A. : Julia Voth Stars As Jill And Once Again Faces The Undead! (Video)

Project S.E.R.A. : Julia Voth Stars as Jill and Once Again Faces the Undead! (Video)

Even after watching Project S.E.R.A., I still have so many questions! The ten minute short film directed by Resident Evil editor Ben Howdeshell sprung to life this morning on YouTube, and damn is it good! Julia Voth (Lilith, Resident Evil, Bitch Slap) stars as Jill, in what could easily be described as a Reservoir Dogs-esque hostage drama with a zombie twist.

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Rated NA 47: Vote Blasto For ME3 MP!

Rated NA 47: Vote Blasto for ME3 MP!

Excited for ME3? So are we! We take your tweets about which multiplayer race / class you’re most excited to play. We also talk Resident Evil, Nick McCarthy’s “The Pact”, Alcatraz, Asura’s Wrath, and Kingdoms of Amalur. A super special thanks to silverwillow for this episode’s coverart (http://silverwillow.deviantart.com/art/Blasto-the-hanar-Spectre-208615486).

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