Mass Effect 3:  Heroism, Family, & Adventure – The Nerd Appropriate Review

Mass Effect 3: Heroism, Family, & Adventure – The Nerd Appropriate Review

Bioware is known for excellent storytelling, and Mass Effect 3 does NOT disappoint.  At it’s core the Mass Effect trilogy is all about heroism, family, and adventure.  While other RPGs have made the promise of a “branching story line” based on player decision, none have come close to the level of complexity that the the Mass Effect franchise actually achieves.  By now you’ve heard how it works,  as the player progresses through the narrative he/she is forced to make a number of difficult game-changing decisions.  I would venture to say that almost everyone that has played Mass Effect has had a slightly different experience, and that’s just incredible.

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Having A Bad Day?  Turn The Tables In This Bizzare Japanese Arcade Title

Having a Bad Day? Turn The Tables in This Bizzare Japanese Arcade Title

Much to the shagrin of arcade owners, the technology of most living rooms surpassed the ancient technology found in most arcades. After fighting for quite some time, arcades started to die a slow and pathetic death (check out this ancient article on that topic). Far far away in the mysterious and exotic world of Japan, arcades are bigger than ever and boast some of the most innovative and bizarre cabinets you’ve ever seen… one of which is Table Flip!

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Rated NA 52: Spoiler-free Nerdery

Rated NA 52: Spoiler-free nerdery

We’re back together for an old-school style round-table recording. In the throws of ME3, we stay spoiler-free. We talk about the recent SWTOR summit, and the DC Comics site relaunch. We have reviews of I am Alive, Mass Effect: Infiltrator for iOS, and Matt’s Comic pick of the week. Finally, we discuss some spoiler-free first impressions of ME3, and whether or not there should be a Mass Effect MMO.

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Rated NA 51: We Ride On The Backs Of Elcor

Rated NA 51: We ride on the backs of Elcor

On this pre-ME3 podcast, we ask for your outlandish predictions of the highly anticipated game. We also look ahead to PAX East and ComicCon. Assassin’s Creed 3 has a revolutionary new setting, and Windows 8 gets an Xbox Companion. We review Squids on Android, Awake on NBC, and Matt’s Comic PotW. Listen now, it’s as easy as getting your space game out of a tree!

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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer: I’ve Been Indoctrinated (that Means It’s Good)

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer: I’ve Been Indoctrinated (that means it’s good)

Over a year ago while recording one of our early podcasts we sat around daydreaming about what the perfect Mass Effect multiplayer experience would be like. We stated that if multiplayer were to work properly, it would have to be just as rich and in depth as the single player experience. We also agreed unanimously that Mass Effect multiplayer should never be competitive (team death match), but objective based action and survival. Now who knows if Bioware was actually listening, but it seems as though the message got through. Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is here… and I’m indoctrinated.

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Rated NA 49: My Galactic Readiness Level Is Bigger

Rated NA 49: My galactic readiness level is bigger

Double Fine proves the world still loves adventure games. We talk about Mass Effect 3 (naturally), and a Blizzard update. We give early KoA: Reckoning impressions, Matt brings his Oscar Deathmatch Challenge, and we review Hero Academy, Fear Agent TPB, a Conan comic, and look back at the SWTOR: The first 50 levels. Finally we talk about nerdy Valentine’s Day gifts. Special thanks to Magnus Palsson (aka SoulEye) for our featured track, “Pushing Onwards” from VVVVVV! Check out:

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Rated NA 48: Point And Click

Rated NA 48: Point and Click

Ender’s Game movie cast update, Trilobye Games resurfaces, and Ash finally watches Alcatraz, finally. A Mass Effect book is released and fans’ heads explode. We also review the Iron Brigade DLC, Oscar movie picks, Dragon Age: Asunder, We3 deluxe release, and mobile game, TripleTown. Finally we read your responses to our Open Thread question about meeting your idols. Shiny.

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Rated NA 47: Vote Blasto For ME3 MP!

Rated NA 47: Vote Blasto for ME3 MP!

Excited for ME3? So are we! We take your tweets about which multiplayer race / class you’re most excited to play. We also talk Resident Evil, Nick McCarthy’s “The Pact”, Alcatraz, Asura’s Wrath, and Kingdoms of Amalur. A super special thanks to silverwillow for this episode’s coverart (

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