Mass Effect 3 Cast Video : Scene by Scene Breakdown !

Mass Effect 3 will be here before you know it, and fans are salivating over every last tidbit of intel that Bioware sends through the ol’ mass relay (see what I did there).  Today we were graced with a nice 3 minute video highlighting handful of the Mass Effect 3 voice cast.  Click play and let us break it down for you.

0:20 – That’s the Illusive Man, but only a holographic version of the sneaky jerk. Bioware hints that he may be under Reaper control. Not good.

0:25 – Martin Sheen voicing the Illusive Man. Only a Sheen could help mold a character so diabolical.

0:31 – The guy on the Left here is Kai Leng. Kai is the Illusive Man’s numero uno assassin and all around bad ass. He actually used to be an N7 soldier until he killed someone in a bar fight for looking at him funny. He’s no joke.

0:39 – This new guy is James Vega. Vega apparently works out.

0:40 – James Vega Can’t Drive.

0:43 – Freddie Prinze Jr. voiced Vega – we like him.

1:00 – Hey look! In the background is the pre-order robot dog! Good to see he’ll be integrated into cut scenes. Did you pre-order?

1:03 – Liara is back and looking blue-tastic.

1:06 – Hey, Garrus is back too (hopefully he survived your ME:2 campaign… if not…)

1:20 – Vega punches Shepard. Not cool.

1:28 – This is our first look at Joker in ME:3. He looks even more beardy than ever before! Also, what the heck is a “shroud facility?”

1:36 – Seth Green, the court jester of the nerd kingdom returns. We love this guy.

1:43 – A great look at the Normandy SR-2’s new Alliance paint job. Looking nice.

1:56 – Tricia Helfer voicing EDI. She excels at playing artificial life forms.

1:58 – Seth Green about to crack up.

2:15Ali Hillis, the voice of Dr. Liara T’Soni and one of the nicest folks we’ve ever had on our little site.

2:28 – Whoah wait what? Jessica Chobot (also on Nerd Appropriate in 2011) will be voicing Diana Allers, an embedded reporter on the Normandy who will help serve as a foil of sorts for Shepard.

2:47 – Admiral Anderson strutting his stuff.  Anderson quit politics in Mass Effect: Retribution and probably doesn’t miss it much.

2:49 – I love Keith David, but his role in Requiem for a Dream has forever scarred me.  CLICK

2:57 – I hope at some point in my life that I too will be able to wear a golden broach and feel comfortable about it.

3:00 – Jennifer Hale, the voice of Fem-Shep and an uber-talent.

3:10 – The red headed default Fem-Shep voted on by the community.

3:14 – Admiral Hackett returns and appears to be wiggly and distorted.

3:38 – Martin Sheen channeling Emperor Palpatine.


Who knows what other treats Bioware has in store for us leading up to the big day.


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  1. Dibol

    I’m officially in love with the ME3 soundtrack, well, what I’ve heard of it.

  2. Ash

    I love the music as well. Can’t wait to hear the complete soundtrack. Make sure you check out Big Giant Circles by ME composer Jimmy Hinson.

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