Mass Effect 3 Level Cap Will be 60. Player Will Retain Level & Abilities From ME2!

This just in. Bioware revealed a bit of interesting information about Mass Effect 3 via Twitter a few moments ago. If you were worried about Shepard starting all over from level one all over again, exhale! Your Shepard will pick up right where he/she left off. According to this recent tweet by lead designer Preston Watamaniuk “The level cap for #ME3 is 60. If you import from #ME2 you retain all class powers and your xp level.”  With this information it appears we won’t have those terrible “level one blues!”  We all hate lvl one right?  I’m excited that Bioware went this route and increased the level cap to 60. I’d hate to see them have to explain how Commander Shepard “forgot” all of his/her abilities all over again. Nice!

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  1. bill

    Does this mean we are stuck in our ‘saved’ class as well though?

    1. Dibol

      No. You can change classes while keeping your level. This was confirmed on the forums a couple weeks ago.

  2. Dibol

    Hey Ash, thanks for reposting this. I knew about this since last summer, but knowing the rate twitter has with the posts, that little tidbit no undoubtedly got drowned out.

  3. Ash


    I thought I had heard this info before! There are so many secrets that are still under wraps right now that that I can’t ever remember what info folks are privy to. I’m happy for players that classes will be changeable, but the truth of the matter is I have so many completed games I’ll probably just keep all my Shepards “as is.” – take care!

    1. Dibol

      I know that feeling. The only time I changed classes was from ME1 to ME2, just because Soldier was just the least of a hassle for me, followed by Infiltrator. As for ME2 to ME3, I might follow the same route. Originally was going to do “Soldier on all 14 Shepards” but I need some variety to break things up (admittedly, it would only be Infiltrator and Vanguard. Just could not get into the other three classes.)

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