the Trenched DLC you almost forgot you totally wanted!

It feels like ages since I booted up some Trenched… er, Iron Brigade. And in the back of my mind I’d always hoped there would be DLC… and now there finally is. Time to get suited up once again… and get your ass to Mars!

It’s suprising that in the normal course of dialogue the phrase “Get your Ass to Mars” comes up so frequently. More frequently, at least, than other popular phrases like “Stupid, you so stupid!” OR “dishes are done, man” OR “Eye… war ship … satin?“.  [Are any of these  movie quotes doing anything for you?]

Anyhow… the DLC is entitled Rise of the Martian Bear. While no price is been mentioned (personal guess: $10), Double Fine, maker of other quality games such as Psychonauts and Costume Quest, boast the following for RotMB:

Unlock over 80 new pieces of loot to battle the Tubes in 4 defense missions, 2 survival missions, and an all new Boss mission!

Feast your eyes, dust off your mech, and get ready:



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  1. Ash

    Totally excited for this! And I did forget!

  2. Micah G

    Amazing game. Would be on this in a heartbeat if someone didn’t make off with my Xbox.

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