Having a Bad Day? Turn The Tables in This Bizzare Japanese Arcade Title

Bad day? Flip that table!

Oh Japan, you strange strange little island. Back in the days of neon sunglasses and “Jams” (look it up), arcades were ultra popular in the United States. As a matter of fact, I probably spent more time in the arcade than the classroom. Much to the shagrin of arcade owners, home consoles quickly surpassed the now antiquated arcade technology. After fighting the good fight for quite some time, arcades have all but vanished from the United States (check out this ancient article on that topic). Far far away in the mysterious and exotic world of Japan, arcades are bigger than ever and boast some of the most innovative and wonky cabinets you’ve ever seen, one of which is Table Flip!  This arcade masterpiece encourages players to pound on the table in anger in a number of themed scenarios.  Eventually the player is prompted to “flip the table” and hurl 3D items at the unsuspecting enemy.  Take a look at this game in action below.  Big thanks to our good buddy Mike for showing us this oddity while at dinner last night.


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  1. Cohen

    Just one more reason I need to go to Tokyo.

    1. Ash

      Just play this in real life with a real table.

  2. Scott

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