Story, A Powerful Ally

Story, a Powerful Ally

For most players, it is obvious that gameplay is king. Game sales are currently dominated by sports, multiplayer FPS, and rhythm games. Everyone knows at least one person whose game shelf is dominated by multiple “years” of sports titles or series’ of online frag-fests. For me, however, storytelling trumps everything.

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Why Parry Gripp Is So Nerd Appropriate!

Why Parry Gripp is so Nerd Appropriate!

Many of you know the name Parry Gripp, but for those that don’t I’m here to educate you. In the mid 1990s I remember wandering into an awful record store in the middle of ghetto in Tampa. After digging through the “Punk” section one band caught my eye, Nerf Herder. I must admit I bought the CD simply for the name. Nerf Herder is what one very famous Princess of Alderan calls one very suave Corellian smuggler in a moment of anger.

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Get ’em Hooked: A Comics Primer

Get ’em hooked: A comics primer

So you have a nerdy circle one(husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, friend, crush, sibling, child) and you want to get them into comics. Well that is how comics work best, much like the crack dealer on the corner (we all have one right?) you get them started on a freebie and before you know it they will be making weekly trips to the comic shop of choice and picking up their scrips (its what the cool kids call a subscription) and reading joyously all night.

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