Why Parry Gripp is so Nerd Appropriate!

Hall of legend Nerd.

Many of you know the name Parry Gripp, but for those that don’t I’m here to educate you. In the mid 1990s I remember wandering into an awful record store in the middle of ghetto in Tampa. After digging through the “Punk” section one band caught my eye, Nerf Herder. I must admit I bought the CD simply for the name. Nerf Herder is what one very famous Princess of Alderan calls one very suave Corellian smuggler in a moment of anger. After playing the CD a single time I was hooked. Parry Gripp loved being a punk, but he also loved being a nerd just as much. Over the years I purchased all the Nerf albums as they were released, and even got a chance to see them the few times when they came to Florida. I met Parry at a small show, and he was incredibly humble and awesome. Take a look at some of the stuff this legendary nerd has given us.

The theme to Buffy – One of my favorite shows of all time had one of the best opening sequences in the history of television. It is virtually impossible to not get at least a tad bit pumped when you hear it.

The Girl at the Video Game Store – Say what you want about Ms. Munn, but there is no denying that this song is catchy and a whole lot of fun. Make sure to catch all the game references. And Might I add Pereira destroys the drums.

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom – Over 10 million views mark Nom Nom Nom as internet gold. Gripp has gone on to write a plethora of “jingles” that are just damn amazing.

Young Girl Talking About Herself – I just love this one…

Holiday Sale ! Holiday Sale ! – Impossible to get out of your head, The Fueled by Ramen Holiday Sale jingle has been rattling around in my noggin all night. It’s so good I almost bought something.

We thank you Parry Gripp for being so Nerd Appropriate!

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  1. Beast_Mode

    I forgot how good the Buffy theme song is.

  2. Madson

    Didn’t he do “Chimpanzee Riding on a Segway” and “Cat Flushing the Toilet” as well? Both are classic!

    Not a fan of Olivia Munn, how she got a part time gig on the Daily Show, I’ll never know.

  3. mrs. nerd appropriate #1

    I LOVE THIS POST!! so much fun to be had! it’s a feuled by ramen holiday sale! la la la l al al a la la

  4. Ash

    Haha thank you for loving it! This guy just brings the happy to whatever he writes. He did a great song called “5000 ways to die” and even that is somewhat joyous. I’m so curious who Mrs. Nerd Appropriate #1 is… haha.

  5. helloscientist

    Thanks for this one. Nerf Herder was one of those bands that I always saw in the record store but for some reason never picked any of their stuff.

  6. Jackohomo

    Madson, yeah, there’s one of a chimp riding a go-ped now, too… haha.

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