Mass Effect composer needs our help – A great song for a great cause!

The rising cost of medical care is no joke. Jimmy Hinson who helped work on the music for one of our favorite games, Mass Effect 2, needs our help! Jimmy also has an incredibly rad chip-tune project called big Giant Circles that he’s using to help raise money for a great cause, his sister. I’ll let you read his blurb below and hopefully you wouldn’t mind spreading the word and/or donating a few bucks to his cause.

“My sister’s husband is a great guy. I love them both. A while back, he was diagnosed with failing kidneys. As it turns out, my sister was a compatible match and last week she donated one of hers to him. They’re both pretty poor college students and as such, swimming in debt to pay for it. They work harder than I ever have and are still facing bills to pay on top of whatever medical expenses the transplant operation incurred. This song is dedicated to them, and I plan on donating the proceeds towards paying off their operation. This track is also a preview of my upcoming album of similar chiptune-inspired music which will be available soon!

“…Thanks so much for listening, and those of you who purchase/donate, you receive my deepest love and gratitude. :)”

You can find a link to buy the track and donate HERE

And can follow Jimmy on twitter HERE

And to Jimmy – We have your back, let us know if you need anything. – NA