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Pilgrim Pride: be thankful for these things.

Movie: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World – As I write this my family is sitting in the living room enjoying the misadventures of Scott Pilgrim as he battles to win Ramona’s heart.  Hopefully watching Scott Pilgrim on Thanksgiving becomes a new family tradition.  Scott Pilgrim is a love letter to nerds and gamers everywhere.  As a film SP does something magical, it perfectly captures that adolescent feeling of being lost in life and finally finding something worth fighting for.

The music is a blast with great new songs by Metric, Blood Red Shoes, and Beck.  If you haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim yet you must see it in order to level up.

Mary "Mar" Winstead as Ramona Flowers

Game: Mass Effect 2 – There are now only two types of video games, those that came before Mass Effect 2, and those that came after. Flawless visuals mixed with a complex yet understandable story make ME2 the best game of the year, if not all time.

Mass Effect 2 improves some of the major game-play flaws of ME1 and makes the combat fun and addictive.  As the middle chapter in a massive story, it manages to introduce a handful of characters even more memorable than those in the first chapter.  To say that I’m eagerly awaiting ME3 is a colossal understatement. Thank you Bioware for setting the bar oh so high.

Liara from Lair of the Shadow Broken

T.V. : The Walking Dead – Although only on its 4th episode, The Walking Dead is the only serialized drama I’m watching this year.  With amazing acting by a talented cast and some truly horrific moments, this is one of the best things I’ve ever watched on the small screen.

After reading the first thirty issues of the comic I knew it would be nearly impossible pull off a television series about the zombie apocalypse that “never ends.” Well they did it.  The television show is as good as the comic, if not better.

Let’s hope that like the comic book, the television series “never ends”.

The Walking Dead T.V. Cast

The Clash at Demonhead