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Cut the Cord: Roku 20% off.

Roku Black Friday Sale

I love my Roku, and now that it has Hulu Plus for a measly $8/month you really have no reason not to get it. Roku is running an awesome black friday deal, so stay up til midnight playing Cataclysm or Assassins Creed or whatever it is that is striking your fancy this holiday and make a purchase that will save you money in the long run. The cable company is ripping you off and you don’t need that much TV, you’ll realize what you love most and support it better.

Roku Black Friday Deal

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  1. helloscientist

    Does Hulu Plus have new shows too? I’ve been on the fence with canceling the cable for awhile, I just can’t do that to Erin without some kind of replacement.

    1. matt

      If you go to Hulu and look at the shows they will say web and/or TV on them.

      All new shows post the day after they air live. But if you want to wait Hulu plus is coming to Xbox in January.

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