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Buy Street Fighter IV for your iPhone and donate to Japan relief

Street Fighter IV

Capcom has released some information today about how you can help the people of Japan and get a little something (other then a little more self respect) for your consideration. Buy Street Fighter IV any time this week on iPhone for $0.99 and Capcom will be donate all sales to the relief fund for Japan. If you somehow hid under a rock this past weekend, Japan was hit by the worst earthquake of all time followed by about 200 aftershocks and a 30 foot tsunami that has absolutely decimated a large portion of the north country. Capcom will also be compensating the players of Monster Hunter Online in the affected area. It’s good to see some corporations, especially ones based in or with strong ties to Japan, show some heart and step up to help a country that took a major hit this weekend. So go get your Street Fighter on and feel good about it at the same time.

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