ID’s RAGE: Do we still need celebrities to plug our stuff?

We received a press release this evening from ID: Software that contained a link to a new commercial for their upcoming post-apocalyptic FPS, RAGE(we actually talk quite a bit about RAGE in Rated NA: Episode 24). This new commercial highlights NBA Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin who also plays forward for the L.A. Clippers and won the 2011 NBA Slam Dunk Content.  Last I checked, RAGE has nothing to do with basketball.  To clarify, I get the joke, but really, I think ID would be much better off showcasing their amazing engine and stunning graphics as opposed to comedy stylings of a talented basketball rookie. In all honesty, I thought we were beyond the age of using random celebrities to promote an IP. The commercial does have a few funny moments. Check it out below.

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  1. Scott

    I’ve decided that the only advertising that is relevant and important (with respect to video game purchasing) is actual game play footage – so possibly about 1-2 seconds of this commercial is relevant.

    This is what we talked about last week too with social media – 500 million people aren’t going to buy AC just because they liked it on Facebook.

    I’d take a downloadable demo over this stuff any day.

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