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A subtle hint for Dragon Age 2 fans

Over the weekend I hit up the local game retailers looking for deals and gaming gems that may have been overlooked during the high-profile game seasons. I think I can safely guess what one retailer must think of people who wanted to play Dragon Age II at launch, but were too lazy to pre-order or come in on launch day. It’s nice that they acknowledged the fact that the game sold out, by either offering a rain check or by providing an instant substitution. So, what do you think a suitable substitution for Dragon Age II might be? Well, in my opinion, these folks would rather you just get up off the couch and engage in some physical activity. Here’s what was offered instead of 80+ hours of enjoying blood, guts, and disproportionately sized women from the comfort of your couch.

Yep… did you want to play Dragon Age II? How about Start the Party for PlayStation Move? Similarly, a Dance Central clone was offered for the 360. But fear not, PC Gamers, your sloth is well-entrenched, for advertised in DAII’s place was Civ V.

What is equally confusing about this sign-age is that Dragon Age II was most likely not on sale anyhow, rather simply advertised. So the three instant substitutes were also offered at no discount from the regular price. Morrigan Dissapproves -15

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  1. Cohen

    I’d hate to see what they suggest for a sold out Bulletstorm.

  2. Justin

    Glad I pre ordered da2

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