Rated NA 41: Veritable Cornucopia

Rated NA 41: Veritable cornucopia

Reviews are a-plenty! Mass Effect comic, The Thing, another Spider-Man game, Grimm, Dance Central 2, Batman: Arkham City (hint: it’s good) and more. We bring the news, and your responses to our twitter question about comic book video games. Special thanks to Mark Dago for a track from “Kill Screen”. A true feast for your nerdy appetite!

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Review: Fruit Ninja Kinect… Hieee-yah!

Review: Fruit Ninja Kinect… hieee-yah!

The highly addictive produce-karate mashup, Fruit Ninja Kinect, is Xbox’s latest offering in the 2011 Summer of Arcade series. Although the game debuted on iOS, and has recently come to the Android market, the Xbox version adds the wrinkle of Kinect functionality — turning this quick finger swiping game into a full body hack and slash. But is it worth the made-up 800 MS points?

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