An October to Remember… Too Many Games?

October 2012 will no doubt go down in video game history as one of the most insane release months of all time.  The funny thing is, it’s not just the quantity of October’s releases, it’s also the diversity and quality.  With Borderlands 2 still wub wub-ing in trays everywhere, early October also saw the release of Resident Evil 6, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Dishonored,  and the 4th episode of Telltale’s incredible Walking Dead adventure game (which was one of this year’s biggest surprises for me… it’s so good).  Later in the month we’ll have the releases of both Dance Central 3, Assassin’s Creed 3, and even more Borderlands 2 DLC.  When are we supposed to sleep again?

If you’re intro strategy, shooting, dancing, stealth, or adventure, October 2012 will probably eat your soul and have your family asking “what happened to you!? You used to have such potential…”

What October releases are you playing?  The correct answer is “ALL OF THEM!”

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  1. Fluidfyre

    I personally can’t keep up. I have to think that the companies see sales suffering because of so many releases occurring at the same time. There are some games I would buy if they had been released during a less game-heavy time — but as a result, get pushed back and I’ll wait until I have time/they’re cheaper. Am I the only one? Though I suppose many may be getting out there as part of the Xmas rush?

    1. Ash

      Amanda, I feel EXACTLY the same way.

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