New web show: Wide World of Warcraft streaming live! (updated)

Milynn Sarley: Wide World of Warcraft

New web series discussing World of Warcraft goes live tonight around 6pm EST. The show will discuss the ever changing World of Warcraft and stars Milynn Sarley AKA “The Gamer Chick”. Show your support!

We here at are in no way affiliated with Wide World of Warcraft, but love the concept and would have have died for this series back in the day. Keep up the good work guys.

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  1. Madson

    Watched the first 11 minutes, kinda awkward…

  2. Ash

    I think it’s a solid start. Imagine a show like this if you were still addicted like we were back in the old days? Why the hell didn’t we think of this!?

  3. Scott

    This is awesome, I’d kill for a set like this. Super fun times.

  4. Beast_Mode

    Great show, I feel myself getting drawn to WoW again.

  5. helloscientist

    I can’t wait for all the new pets! The sunflower will be mine!

  6. Micah G

    But I thought I was getting you a sunflower Derek??? Why my World of Warcraft always come between us! As always, looks epic… the purple kind.

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