Star Wars The Old Republic: Playing It Neutral ?

I’ll just go ahead and say it, Bioware has done it again.  My history with MMOs is a long one (Ultima Online!), and I firmly believe that most MMOs are the junk food of gaming; all crap with very little  substance. What makes MMOs so popular is the seemingly endless supply of “carrots” that are constantly dangled in front of our addicted little noses.  While my full review of SWTOR is a work in progress (I try not to review games until I’ve completed them), I do have to say that SWTOR is shaping up to be just as rich and fulfilling as any of Bioware’s other single player titles (and no higher compliment can be payed).

Playing it Neutral?: I was curious if it would be possible to play a morally gray character within the world of SWTOR, and much to my surprise Bioware wasn’t lying when they said that it would in fact be possible.  Sure, my Sith Lord Venger isn’t the nicest of guys and has probably force choked a few baby Rodians in his day, but he’s really not all that bad.  Virtually every good (or light) sided decision I could make thus far has been made, and surprisingly these decisions ended up shaping character’s story much more than I was anticipating.  Without delving into spoiler territory, my seemingly neutral Sith Lord has gone out of his way to save Jedi and Rebel alike and is currently trying to figure out how to make the galaxy a better place for both the Empire and The Republic.  What makes this incredibly fun, is the realization that all of these decisions are impacting a massive story arc that is unique to my own avatar, Lord Venger.  Bravo Bioware, bravo. Oh yeah, if you’re looking to join Nerd Appropriate, we’re currently playing Empire on the Sword of Ajunta Pall server.  Send Lord Venger a message and we’ll shoot some whomp rats while skipping through the icy snow of Hoth together.

So how about you all?  Have you tried to create a dark Jedi? Or perhaps an incredibly diabolical stim-pushing smuggler?  Drop us a message and let us know!

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  1. Cereb

    I’ve been playing an imperial agent on Grand Master Zym server with some friends. It’s interesting that i am going completely pro imperium and completely anti everything else, ruling with a iron fist and almost NEVER compromising…and yet i’m still averaging 60/40 light dark.

    Its a fun game. But in a honest review i would have to say is a bit grindy, the powers/skill/leveling up mechanic is not particularly unique or special and the graphics are not cutting edge (still pretty however), but overall the story makes up for that in aces. If you are the sort of person who measures a mmo purely by it’s pvp or end game raid material…this is defiantly not the game for you. However if you like character development, in depth story, and seeing your actions effect everything over a extended period of time…holy shit get this game.

    1. Ash

      Ahh Cereb, I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying the game. A lot of the flaws you pointed out are not entirely incorrect. I have to keep telling myself that we are still in the infancy of a very big, very expensive MMO. While there are times where things feel “grindy”, I still find combat to be incredibly satisfying.

  2. Scott

    Playing “your way” is really the fun of this game, more so, I think, than other BioWare games where you’re almost penalized for not going to either extreme.

    I decided to play my imperial agent as a company man, despite being a little cocky and selfish at the same time. So, while I work with the Sith, my dude could really care less about their problems — my loyalty lies with Imperial Intelligence, bedding some Sith Lady Lords along the way, haha.

    1. Ash

      Scott – I love that your adventures have been so incredibly different from my own. I can’t get over how deep each player story really is.

  3. Dibol

    The only reason to play as a Male Jedi Knight: He’s voiced by Solid Snake. That’s right, David Hayter voices the Jedi Knight.

    1. Scott

      Don’t forget about male Jedi Consular, Nolan North (Nathan Drake)

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