Bioware Blog Reveals Incredible Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Intel

Information about Mass Effect’s new multiplayer mode, Galaxy at War, is more well guarded than the Citadel. Love it or hate it, Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is coming your way soon and we have some incredible new information for you straight from Bioware to get you ready for  3-6-12. Published this afternoon on the Bioware Blog, Erika has a nice long chat with Mass Effect 3 Producer, Jesse Houston regarding all aspects of Mass Effect Multiplayer.  The interview reveals a TON of new information for you to over-analyze. For the full interview please head on over to Bioware Blog, or check out some excepts below.

New information includes the revelation of "unexpected" playable races

ERIKA: Will decisions made in ME1 & ME2 affect Galactic Readiness level?
Jesse Houston: In the Galaxy at War system, the Galactic Readiness Level is affected by multiple things. The choices from ME1 and ME2 will have an effect of the overall Galaxy at War system, but not directly on the Galactic Readiness level.

ERIKA:Does Multiplayer affect the success of my Shepard in the main story?
Jesse Houston:Absolutely. Multiplayer will definitely have an effect on your SP experience through the Galaxy at War system, so as you play the MP and the Co-Op and the more successful you are, the more that will affect your Galactic Readiness level which will then affect your end game result.

ERIKA:How do SP and MP work together/complement each other?

Jesse Houston:They complement each other really well in that the Galaxy at War System takes the actions played in MP and pushes them to your SP achievements. The SP elements will dovetail really nicely into those and both those actions will allow your Shepard to have a different ending depending on those actions. That said, SP can still be played all by itself without any kind of multiplayer or third party and you can still get the absolute best ending. This just gives you new options to be able to get that ending.

ERIKA:Which classes/races can you play as? Can you be a geth?
Jesse Houston:We haven’t given the full list yet. But as an example, you can totally play as a Krogan, as a Drell, as an Asari. Beyond those, I can’t give away all of the details, but I can say there will be a lot of interesting races that you may not expect to be able to play as because they wouldn’t normally be looked upon as characters who are for the fight normally. That said we’ll be releasing more and more characters through DLC later.

ERIKA:How does leveling up work in MP?
Jesse Houston:As you complete objectives inside of the co-op experience you are going to be leveling up similar to how you would in an RPG. You gain experience points and those experience points go toward your level and you spend points exactly how you would as a SP and each character is its own so you could theoretically have 10 or 20 characters going, each leveling up independently.

ERIKA: Will there be squad banter?
Jesse Houston:Yes!

For the entire interview please head on over to the Bioware Blog and learn yourself sumthin’.   I for one am elated to hear about squad banter, new races, and future DLC characters for use in multiplayer.  Am I alone in being incredibly excited for this new feature?  Thanks to Erika, and Jesse Houston for the intel.