Will Mass Effect 3 Pre-Order Bonuses Force You to Shop at Game Stop?

Some new Mass Effect 3 info hit our mailboxes today, and while we probably should have reported it earlier we were more than likely crawling inside of tauntauns to avoid the icy blizzards of Hoth.  As if you couldn’t tell, all of us here at Nerd Appropriate are huge fans of Mass Effect and will probably consume anything and everything Bioware produces with “Mass Effect” on the box.  Heck, I’m just waiting for Target to carry some fancy Mass Effect sleepy pants, because we all know gaming in sleepy pants gives you +10 agility.  One thing we’re not fans of however, is retailer exclusive items!  There is nothing worse then having to shop at a retailer you may not like, simply to get some fancy in-game item. Here are some of the items both Gamestop and Origin are dangling in front of our noses. Are these Game Stop exclusives cool enough to make you shop there? (yes!)

Will a smattering of items be enough motivation to shop at Game Stop?

Gamestop Exclusive:

The N7 Defeneder Armor SetThe Defender Armor is a variation on the N7 Special Forces’ combat gear, built to protect soldiers in long-running engagements where reinforcements may be sparse. When the wearer fires a weapon, the suit’s computers divert energy from the main power cell to the gun’s kinetic coils, offering an extra punch. The Defender’s storage compartments are designed to hold spare thermal clips, while capacitors throughout the armor provide extra power to shields during critical moments in battle. The armor also comes with an injection system built into the suit and neural-linked bio-monitors that help adjust the wearer’s breathing rate and adrenaline levels.

 N7 Valyrie Rifle – After the carnage of the Battle of the Citadel, Alliance officers commissioned a new rifle for their ground forces. A variation of the popular Avenger design, the Valkyrie is now standard issue for new recruits. Exceptionally well-crafted, accurate, and packing ample firepower, the rifle is a hot black-market item on the rare occasion it surfaces

 The M55 Rifle – Available for ALL pre-orders.

Origin (PC) Exclusive: The AT 12 Raider Shotgun: The AT-12 Raider Shotgun fires a large pellet spread, ensuring maximum coverage for close-range targets. Designed for superior rapid fire, the AT-12 allows for optimal recovery time between shots.


Mass Effect 3 Invades: 03.06.2012

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  1. Dibol

    BioWare forums has been in an uproar about this, and not surprisingly, I am one of those people. Stupid crap like this is the main reason why I’m slowly interest in gaming in general. Hell, the AT-12 Shotgun, I want, but Origin has a publicly panned reception for good reason (i.e. Your personal information may be sold to third parties.). As it is, I even hold BioWare’s Community Manager, Chris Priestly in a very low regard for not getting the much needed answers regarding Origin’s function for the PC version of Mass Effect 3, and I’ve read at least dozens of topics detailing how to circumvent Origin, just because the right to privacy is endangered.

    1. Ash


      I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things don’t get entirely out of hand with pre-order bonuses. BioWare has some of the best fans in the business, so you know when they’re THIS upset about something there has to be a legitimate reason. In defense of Chris Priestly, CMs have a very hard job and can only give the answers that they’re allowed to give. It could very well be that EA doesn’t have an answer to the problems that are currently plaguing their Origin service.

  2. Cereb

    preorder items are never essential. I have heard people complain “oh but it’s not balanced unless you have this or this” but i have yet to find a game where that is the case. Actually I’ve seen far more of the opposite problem, and just as many people complain about it. That many of the preorder items you get from things make the game far to easy and broken.

  3. helloscientist

    This current craze is getting WAY out of hand. I can’t see why any developer would want to limit the content getting to the consumer by making them pick a particular retailer. It certainly isn’t going to make me purchase multiple copies of any given game. If all of the preorder bonuses are available as DLC at some point like has been seen with other games (Fallout: New Vegas) then OK but still a dirty trick.

    1. Ash

      On occasion those bonuses will be too good to pass up though! I used my Terminus gear heavily in Mass Effect 2. As a matter of fact on my first play through I rarely used another heavy weapon.

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