In 100 Years, What Games, Movies, And Television Will Be Seen As Art?: Our Community Responds

In 100 Years, What Games, Movies, and Television Will Be Seen as Art?: Our Community Responds

Episode 50 of our podcast Rated NA will be going live tomorrow afternoon, but we felt obligated to share these incredible responses to this weeks question: “What video game franchise, film, or television series will be viewed as art in 100 years and why?” On top of getting a ton of stellar responses from our friends and readers, we were also lucky enough to hear back from a number of the people that made the past 15 months at Nerd Appropriate so awesome. One of the best things about being a part of this site, is getting to talk with such incredibly creative people about the things we love, and for that we’re immensely grateful. Take a look at what some of our friends in the industry had to say about the future.

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Fallout New Vegas DLC: Old World Blues – New Screens And More

Fallout New Vegas DLC: Old World Blues – New Screens and More

Like a festering rad-scorpion bite, Fallout is the gift that keeps on giving. If you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic exploration and blowing things up, than you’re probably addicted to the Fallout series. Obsidian and Bethesda just graced us with some new screens of their upcoming DLC: Old World Blues. We’re also are providing a clip from Quore that shows off what characters Veronica Belmont will be playing in the DLC (hint: one is a light switch).

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Pod People: Five Podcasts That Will Transform Your World

Pod People: five podcasts that will transform your world

I was desperate. My music selection was depressing me, and local talk radio was starting to sound like a Ford commercial. Considering that I spend about an hour of my day on average commuting, I went on the hunt for some podcasts last year that ended up making my driving experience much more enjoyable. Did I mention that these are all FREE to download?

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