Rated NA 185: In The Future

Rated NA 185: In the Future

Welcome to 2015! Ash sees Night and the Museum 3 and plays Kingdom Rush: Origins. Matt catches up on Telltale Games and gets into Destiny. Scott watches Ascension and rants about AC Unity plus AC Unity Companion App. Finally, we look ahead to the upcoming movies and games of 2015, and you tell us what you’re most excited for in our NAQOTW! #BeCarefulInTheFuture

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Rated NA 143: Means ‘I Love You’

Rated NA 143: Means ‘I love you’

Pager codes, remember those? The guys take a look at South Park Stick of Truth, Telltale’s The Walking Dead S2E2, and Star Wars the Clone Wars lost missions on Netflix. We also look ahead to high-profile games’ release dates, and talk a bit about the NAPPP. Our NAQOTW this week asks what charcaters from film, TV, and games that you’ve most fallen love with. Monarch!

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Rated NA 82: Omega Explosion!! With Mike Gamble

Rated NA 82: Omega Explosion!! with Mike Gamble

From the icy wastes of Canada Rated NA 82 is joined by special guest Mike Gamble of Bioware to talk production, Mass Effect, and the brand spanking new Omega DLC.  We also discuss our Thanksgiving holidays and this year’s door buster madness!   Oh yeah, we do quick reviews of Halo 4, ACIII (ship combat), The Walking Dead: Episode Five, Borderlands 2 DLC, and our buddy Steve’s new film Lincoln!  This episode is filled with more idiocy and explosions than ever before!! EXPLOSIONS!1!!

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