Comic-Con 2013: Inside Telltale’s Walking Dead Panel – S2 Secrets Revealed

ComicCon-logoI was incredibly excited to check out Telltale’s Walking Dead panel at this year’s Comic-Con because season two of the hit game is shambling our way this fall. Sadly, the folks at Telltale Games weren’t willing to reveal all that much and even taunted the audience with some non-footage of season two. Heck, even Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman was bugging the panel to reveal something…anything… to the audience.  After a bit of poking and prodding here is what we found out.


Clementine WILL return in some capacity for season two of the Walking Dead. S2 will be a continuation of the first season, and decisions made during S1 and the 100 days DLC will carry over into S2. Carley will still be dead despite her voice actress being in the audience.

The creators asked the audience if they’d like to see the return of Kenny and were met with a mixed response. The player’s relationship with Kenny was one of the most tremulous and difficult to maintain throughout S1. My bet? Kenny will be back in S2.

The first season of Walking Dead will be available on PS-Vita on August 20th (for those that haven’t played it on PC/Mac/Xbox 360/Playstation 3/ or iOS) – Info can be found HERE.

Robert Kirkman hinted that he’s trying to figure out some sort of crossover between the various Walking Dead universes. S1 featured a few brief cameos by Glenn Rhee and Hershel Greene, but were minimal at best. I for one would LOVE to see Clementine turn up on the Walking Dead television series.

The decision to say “I love you” to Lee at the end of Season One was removed because everyone with a soul would have picked that option thus removing true player choice from the end of the game. I mean, who didn’t love Lee by the end of Season One?

Kirkman stated that despite his reputation as a murderer he actually hates killing off his characters, but by the time a character death goes to print he’s already over it.

Can S2 be out already?


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