Rated NA 90: Keys In The Bowl With Jessica Merizan

Rated NA 90: Keys in The Bowl with Jessica Merizan

Jessica Merizan stops by to talk about community management at BioWare, Crabcat Industries, Try This At Home on Nerdist, and… tomahawks?! We also discuss the latest from the Marvel movie circuit and the announcement that JJ Abrams is directing Star Wars VII. Finally, you talk community events with us in our NAQOTW. So throw your keys in the bowl, sit back, and relax.

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Try This At Home With Crabcat Industries: Building Badassery

Try This at Home With Crabcat Industries: Building Badassery

We’ve been covering the creative folks at Crabcat Industries for ages now and are stoked to share with you the very first episode of their Nerdist series Try This at Home With Crabcat Industries. If you’re curious about Crabcat and what they do, you should check out Morgan Spurlock’s beautiful documentary Comic-Con Episode IV: a Fan’s Hope. Try this at Home aims to help viewers with a wide variety of projects from prop building to power suits. I can’t wait to see the freaking power suits!

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Comic-Con 2012: The Most Dangerous Women At Comic-Con – Panel Coverage

Comic-Con 2012: The Most Dangerous Women at Comic-Con – Panel Coverage

Katrina Hill’s “The Most Dangerous Women at Comic-Con” panel was sort of like one of those awesome Marvel Team Up comics you probably read when you were a wee kid. If for some reason you were deprived of said comic, Marvel Team Up would take a few heroes from different books and send them on a mission they could only accomplish by working together. While no crime fighting actually occurred during the panel, it did manage to showcase some of the most creative, fun, and entertaining women in their respective industries.

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San Diego Comic Con 2012: A Fan’s Hope Of Actually Attending?

San Diego Comic Con 2012: A Fan’s Hope of Actually Attending?

So you’re thinking of going to San Diego Comic Con this year but have no idea what the heck is going on with ticketing and lodging? You’re not alone! Due to Comic Con’s ever-growing size, Comic Con is making attendees jump through some hoops in order to attend the biggest pop culture celebration on the planet. But first, check out the new trailer for Joss Whedon and Morgan Spurlock’s Comic Con: Episode IV a Fan’s Hope.

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