Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: Honestly Awesome! (VIDEO)

Abe Lincoln has been one of my favorite historical figures since I was a little kid.  There is something mythical about that giant man and all that he accomplished.  I would venture to say that Abraham Lincoln is quite possibly one of the most respected Americans of all time.  After all “honest Abe” was the good natured emancipator who did his damnedest to keep America unified during an incredibly brutal and bloody Civil War.  Abe’s assassination by the “coward John Wilkes Booth” made the legendary man into a tragic hero that stood for all things American.  It seems strange to me that we haven’t had more movies about him.  From the incredible duo of Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov comes Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  With a talented cast that includes Benjamin Walker (Abe), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Mary Todd), and our favorite pilot friend Alan Tudyk (Stephen Douglas), we couldn’t be more excited for this film.  Also… The Johnny Cash music in the trailer made me get some pretty intense nerd-bumps. Enjoy!


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  1. Cereb

    mmmm hmmm, and that’s how i met abraham lincon, abraham lincon…

  2. Ash

    Cereb – That video still makes me laugh my ass off. So random and perfect #WOWMEMORIES

  3. Micah G

    Ohhh my god. This NEEDS to be an XBox game.

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