Mass Effect 3: Ashley Williams’ Message to Shepard Sheds Light on Horizon

Sorry Shep.. I was really hungry and my armor was chafing!

What a treat for Mass Effect fans. I’ve been wanting to write about this amazing recording done by voice actress Kimberly Brooks for quite some time, but with my internet on the fritz   the Reapers attacking I haven’t had the opportunity! Recently Kimberly Brooks did an incredible voice recording of Ashley’s e-mail to Shepard following their heated meeting on Horizon during the events of Mass Effect 2. Most Mass Effect fans, including myself, felt a bit cheated by the cold/abrupt meeting between Ash and Shepard, especially if Ash was the player’s primary love interest (we all know I’m a Liara fanboy). Sadly, many players never got around to learning how Ashley really felt after that meeting, because much like real life they neglected to check their E-mail.




Subject: Hey there.


I’m sorry for what I said back on Horizon. When I lost you two years ago, it tore me up. I prayed for you every day. I read a lot of Tennyson, thinking about you, just like I did when my dad passed. And then you came back, and it was like my prayers were answered. But I’m not who I was then, and neither are you.

I don’t know what’s true anymore. Part of me can’t believe it’s really you. I keep going back to that night before Ilos, our night… I haven’t let myself think about those memories in over a year.

I wouldn’t have expected you to work for Cerberus, but I know why they sent you to Horizon. I saw how many people were lost there, and if anyone can stop the Collectors, you can. I can’t go where you’re going, but I can wish you luck.

Just stay alive out there… Skipper. I don’t know what the future holds, but I can’t lose you a second time.


Death closes all: but something ere the end
Some work of noble note, may yet be done,
Not unbecoming men that strove with Gods.

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