See axl99 Create Nerd-Infused Art Live Saturday 1pm EST: Check it!

Every once in a while our good friend axl99 creates some of her incredible nerd-infused art live for all to see. For those that aren’t aware, axl99 was featured heavily in this summer’s Bioware art contest and was recently Bioware’s featured fan artist (shes that good).  We can’t forget to mention that Jessie is a huge fan of all of the things we here at the site hold near and dear to our nerdy little hearts; comic books, video games, and raw creativity. Tomorrow at 1pm EST you can watch Jessie create some incredible nerd-flavored art live on the inter-webs. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask inappropriate questions about Turian anatomy. Here is a link to axl99’s page and some samples

Watch live streaming video from axl99 at