SFX Reveals Rotating Mass Effect 3 Cast *UPDATE*

Well it appears we have to rephrase something we wrote in this article.  We actually got a tweet from Mr. CaseyDHudson  stating  “@NerdAppropriate The assumption of ” rotating squadmembers” (no choice) is inaccurate.” And while we always assumed the player would get to choose his/her party, it’s great to hear that news straight from the boss’s own mouth… err tweet..  Thanks Casey!  Please don’t turn us to Reaper goo!

Ahh Sundays… I pulled myself away from grub smashing long enough to forward you all some great Mass Effect 3 information I that stumbled across on SFX. In this interview Casey Hudson spills some valuable intel regarding party members in Mass Effect 3.  According to Hudson, Shepard’s cast of companions will likely be constantly in flux depending on the scenario at hand.  While I’d love to see all previous crew members return, I fully understand why Bioware opted to make Shepard’s party rotate (see: The Five Things We’d Love to See in Mass Effect 3).  Between both games, DLC, and new party members we’re looking at well over a dozen supporting cast members/ party members.   Here are a few great quotes taken from Mr. Hudson’s interview with SFX followed by a link to the full article. Enjoy your Sunday! Is it March 6th yet?

Did anyone pick Kaiden? Sound off if you did!

SFX: In Mass Effect 2 you have an ensemble team, that you build up. A lot of people’s games ended with most of them dying! Are those players going to be at a disadvantage with Mass Effect 3?
Hudson: It’s definitely beneficial to have more of your squad members survive! We also try to strive for differences versus penalties or bonuses, so the choices that you’ve made previously don’t necessarily make a worse or better Mass Effect 3 experience; they make it different in ways that are equally satisfying. But with people it’s the more the merrier; but we do try to find a way to give a pay off that’s different because the fun then is to say “I’ll play my play-through when everybody is there” or “this time I’ll play my other play-through where everybody died” so that it is different and fans appreciate and enjoy those differences so that is an equally enjoyable place.

SFX: Is there anything you can tell us about the new character we’re going to see?
Hudson: The story of Mass Effect 3 is a lot more authentic to a war story. So people are wrong to think, “Who are the permanent squad members?” Permanent friends in a war story betrays the concept! So we will be adding people and taking people away. All your friends from previous Mass Effect games will be there somewhere – if they’re alive! And James Vega is one of the new guys you pick up with you as you’re escaping from Earth. He’s interesting because we haven’t had somebody like this before – he is not as worldly as some of the other characters we’ve met. He’s an Alliance Marine, maybe like a younger version of Shepard.

Read the full article HERE at SFX.