Five things we’d love to see in Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 has been delayed, and Nerd Appropriate thinks that’s good news. Why? More time means more polish, more story, and a better Mass Effect!  What things would I love to see in Mass Effect 3? Check out this short list.

More Wrex in ME:3!

1) The WHOLE crew’s return –  I didn’t work my butt off for “no one  left behind” for nothing!  While it has been revealed (Gameinformer) that the surviving members of the suicide mission will indeed return in “some capacity“, I say bring them ALL back!  Yes, I want to be able to choose from a roster of 15 or 16 companions to bring on my journey.  Imagine if Jack, Grunt, or Miranda were only given a few moments in the spotlight?  That would be an injustice!  While I understand the devs are required to give some screen time to the original crew (Ashley, Kaiden, Liara), seeing DLC characters like Kasumi and Zaaed sidelined from the narrative would be awful.  I paid for them to be part of my story!

2) EDI gets a body – We know that the Normandy is on Earth getting a retrofit by the Alliance, but I’d hate to see EDI get shut down.  Sure, she’s a Cerberus A.I., but she’s also the heart of the ship, and let’s face it, had she not flushed those Collectors from the airlocks, the entire universe would be Reaper Gruel (TM).  I propose that EDI gets a nice metal humanoid frame so that she can accompany Shepard on surface missions.  Imagine a sleeker, more agile security droid mixed with some Geth technology.  Seeing EDI in combat would simply be awesome.  Also, Joker needs to get some action… is that gross?

3) The Illusive Man’s true motivation –  If you’ve read any of the Mass Effect novels you’re fully aware that the Illusive man is 100%  villain.  There is however a more pressing question.  Why is the Illusive Man doing what he’s doing, and why did he need Shepard alive to pull it off?  Sure, Shep is the best solider in the galaxy, but she’s only one woman.  The Illusive Man has unlimited resources as well as access to the most powerful tech and biotics in existence.  Why does someone so powerful need Shep alive?  And would he really rebuild Shepard without programming a way to effectively “shut her down“…

4) The Shadow Broker’s Ship – If you played and completed the Shadow Broker DLC you should be aware that Liara is the new Shadow Broker.  Inevitably, when Liara joins you on your adventure, her close friend Feron will take over as the new “Shadow Broker” in the interim.  As a reward for the players that completed the Shadow Broker DLC, I’d love to see players have the ability to access the Shadow Broker’s massive space ship, and use it against the Reapers.  While the DLC already gave us more than our money’s worth, I’d love to see those perks carry over into ME:3.

“I’ve made less of an effort to keep REAL FRIENDS, in real life.”

5) Wrex in Effect (Playable Wrex) – The first time I played Mass Effect, Wrex didn’t make it.  I liked the character so much that I loaded up an old save (12 hours back) and played through everything again to make sure Wrex stayed alive as a member of my crew.  I’ve made less of an effort to keep REAL FRIENDS, in real life.  In Mass Effect 2, Wrex’s encounter with Shepard was one of my favorite moments in a series of amazing moments.  Wrex’s jubilation at seeing his old captain and comrad alive, still gives me chills.  Wrex needs to be back in ME:3 as a full fledged companion character.  No cameo, no side mission, just Wrex and Shepard saving the universe again… Come on guys? Please?

So there you have it… I could probably make a list of about 100 things I’d love to see, but these were the first five that popped into my mind.  We’ll keep you up to date on all Mass Effect rumors and speculation!

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  1. helloscientist

    So you want Cortana in Mass Effect 3? Interesting….very interesting.

  2. Ash

    If my clouded Halo memory serves me correct, Cortana was a hologram of some sort. I’d love to see a physical representation of EDI. Also… no.. Halo… anything..

  3. helloscientist

    EDI already has a physical representation…the Normandy.

  4. Ash

    I want her to look like R/C from the transformers.

  5. Scott

    Still waiting for that 2 second easter-egg nod to the Dead Space franchise. Oh, and more Mako sequences and D&D style shooting mechanics =)

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