Dungeons and Dragons: An Ode to My Other World

This is a page from my actual Monster Manual - I was much better at coloring back then...

I’m a pretty normal guy. I grew up playing video games, watching Thundercats and eating Doritos just like the rest of you.  When I was about seven years old I traded my next-door neighbor Chris a stack of Garbage Pail Kids for his 1st edition Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual.  I was a bit too young to really understand what the game was all about, or how it was played, but boy did I really love those monsters.  Being eight,I picked up a stack of crayons and used that Monster Manual as a coloring book.  I still have that book on my shelf today and think those pictures are nothing short of amazing.  There is a big misconception about people that play Dungeons and Dragons.  People still think the game is just for “nerds” and social misfits.  I would argue that D&D is for anyone that likes adventure, laughing with friends, and imagination. The people I play with are teachers, pilots, doctors, chefs and animal trainers. No matter who you are or where you are in life, Dungeons and Dragons will always be around for you to escape reality, roll some dice, and have a damn good time.  Allie Goertz pretty much sums up how we all feel about the mother of all RPGs… A great place to just get awayShe, as well as this video, are about to blow up… you’ll see.




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