Borderlands 2: Four New Protagonists?

More Boom... New Toons

You have to hand it to Game Informer Magazine; in an age where print media is dying a slow and agonizing death (sorry Borders) GI continues to sell quite well.  Sure, their sales are partially due to some demon-blood-pact with Game Stop, but you have to admit their latest covers have been close to frame worthy.  This month’s Game Informer features the sequel to everyone’s favorite FPSORPG Borderlands 2.  The biggest revelation is that the four main protagonists from the original Borderlands would in fact return, but only as NPCS. That’s right folks, you’ll have four brand new anti-heroes to choose from on your co-op romp of destruction.  The article includes a little information on the following topics: new weapons, custom guns, updated graphical engine, improved AI, and much much more.  We’re still a long way away from Borderlands 2, but all of us here at NA are already incredibly excited.  Just remind me to not play another melee-sniper; that was just a bad idea….

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  1. Adam

    Well alright. I’m definitely looking forward to that.

  2. Ash

    I’m pretty excited about this one as well. It looks like the release date is the end of March… just enough time to break out of my Mass Effect coma.

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