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Remember when you could rent video games from a location within a short drive from your home? Well those days are back again, except if you return the game 2 hours later than the deadline, this company doesn’t shoot you in the dick.

Starting today, RedBox kiosks will start carrying video games. The selection is currently somewhat limited, and you’ll definitely have a better chance of scoring a AAA title on PS3 than Xbox, but hey it’s only $2 per night plus tax. So for those games whose single player you can complete faster than a Harry Potter novel ::cough:: Homefront ::cough:: this may be a more economical way to cover the waterfront of current games.

Better still, you can search for games on the RedBox website and “reserve” them for pickup later. This saves the effort of driving all over town to find a much coveted copy of Wipeout for Wii. What remains to be seen is how these discs will stand up to the wear and tear of being tossed about with cheeto fingers in homes across america.

Happy Gaming.


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  1. Cohen

    This is great news. I got a redbox in walking distance from my house. I’m ready.

  2. Ryan

    I don’t know if this post was delayed, but a couple of the RedBox, er, boxes by me have had a small selection of games for a couple of weeks, and has already lead to me purchasing a game. This is an awesome (and awesomely cheap) way to try before you buy, let’s just hope the selection continues to improve.

    Also, does anyone else feel ghetto using the RedBox? I always look over my shoulder to see if anyone I know is around before I make my selections.

    1. Ryan

      Derp – I just actually read the banner image w/ June 17; they must have started rolling some games out in certain areas earlier.

  3. Scott

    I do feel a little ghetto, but you can reserve your shit online and just go pick it up and roll out.

    I also feel like this is a great way to play the “popcorn movies” of the gaming world without being taken for sixty bones.

  4. Ash

    Duke Nukem anyone?

    1. Scott


  5. Micah G

    I think im going to get a redbox installed in my apartment.

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